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Here are many of the Stretch Figure vintage Magazine Advertisments of the 1970s Stretch Era we all grew up in.I will be placing many more so stop from time to time for a look back into your childhood.Click on each pic for a mega view.

This is my favorite vintage Stretch Advertisment. A true 1970s design.

Stretch Armstrong made the seen!

The Mexican version Mecanno Armstrong and Monster

This is a rare coloring book I just aquired

Are you kidding me! 16 bucks! Wish i could go back and buy em all.

This is the CD cover of the Half man half Biscuit Album featuring Stretch Armstrong

Who would have thought.

The Hulk as the leader.

the only available look at the unseen Frankenbumps.

This is one of very few Octipi ads

Stretch Monster. Notice the lower right of the page states the number of units packed per case and the weight.

Sample Photo 12

This is a very rare book that I still have not found.Seems to be a Department store ordering guide?

I knew it was Karo Syrup!!

This is a Lily Ledy Mexican department Store ad for the Armstrong and Monster

...............They really did Tour together,Really! Really!

The Rare MEgo Elastic Hulk!

This Great Mego Elastics!

No,this is not a Stretch Godzilla.

This very rare Catalog ad for the Stretch Serpent verifies that it did in fact make ot to production for sale to consumers. Even though they were sold in stores, very very few were sold thus their extreme rarity today.

Above the Stretch Octopus selling for 11 bucks! WOW!