Photo Gallery 2/ Rare One of a Kind Blue Prints and Photos

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Shown below is a very rare one of a kind Original HMS Stretch Armstrong Pencil Blueprint. This was the first phase in the production of the Stretch Armstrong Figure. THis Blueprint WAS PURCHASED FROM A FORMER EMPLOYEE OF HMS ASSOCIATES APPROXIMATELY TEN YEARS AGO ....HMS ASSOCIATES, FOUNDED IN THE LATE 1940'S BY THREE PARTNERS, WAS BASED IN WILLOW GROVE PENNSYLVANIA. THE COMPANY SPECIALIZED IN PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT, TAKING THEIR CLIENT'S ABSTRACT IDEAS AND CONVERTING THEM INTO "PATTERNS", PROTOTYPES THAT COULD THEN BE SENT TO TOOL COMPANIES WHO WOULD COPY THEM AND MAKE METAL PRODUCTION MOLDS... AMONG THE CLIENTS OF HMS WERE AURORA, HASBRO/ KENNER , IDEAL, COLECO, GABRIEL, FRANKLIN MINT AND DANSBURY MINT...I RECENTLY PURCHASED THESE FINE AND RARE BLUEPRINTS FOR MY COLLECTION.This Blueprint closely resembles the classic Stretch Armstrong we know today. Thanks to a nice fella named Dave for making it possible to attain and show this great print here on Stretch Armstrong World.I Recently had this rare print mounted and framed with the Classic Stretch Armstrong Orange color matting.The lettering next to the side view reads Stretch Figure. These Original Pencil Drawings are very rare one of a kind sketches worth over $1,000 a piece.

Click on each pic for a closer look at these Mega Rare Prints and Photos

Above is a Super awsome Original Mego Elastic Superman Pencil Blueprint  The lettering next to the figure reads Superman Stretch Figure.

This is another Original HMS Pencil Blueprint of the Mego Elastic Superman Logo. This is a very rare and one of a kind Sketch that was drawn to full scale of the actual Logo that appears on the Mego Elastic Superman Figures Chest as well as the Logo that is now the Sticker that is applied to the cape.I blacked out some of the numbers in the blueprint to avoid plagerism and preserve the Blueprints authenticity.

The Original Mego Elastic Incredible Hulk HMS Pencil Blueprint. This Hulk print really captures the bulkiness and fullness that the final phase of production spawned as the Mego Incredible Hulk Action Figure. This drawing was the very first phase of production that was used to create the aluminum mold.Notice how the Drawing shows the neck and triangular head area that was tooled into the matching aluminum Molds you can see on the Mandrels page.This triangular area of the mold was the Support that mounted the Mold onto an aluminum bracket and was then spun while latex was applied. Lettering on the right of the figure reads The Hulk Stretch Figure.

This is a great Photo from 1978 of Kenner Employees examining the Most awsome Stretch Monster for its stretching capability prior to its release.This is truely a real gem. This photo was sent to me from a very cool person named Stony. Thanks for the great pics!

No Freezer paper for Kenner Stretch Monster

This is a super rare paper for the stretch Monster and Armstrong by Kenner. Not many around. This paper is totally immpossible to find. I just got super lucky when I bought a Stretch Armstrong off ebay that was totally stuck in the coffin with syrup leaking. I found this paper inside the instruction sheet behind the coffin after i freed the figure from the box. This paper was only included in a few hundred Armstrongs and Monsters. 

Kenner Stretch Monster Rare Neck Tag

This is most likely a neck tag for the stretch Monster. Very very hard to get. An unlikely find.I just missed this one too,Dam!, Dam!